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As every client is different, I will customise your session to suit your needs which may include any of these services listed below. Please allow 1 hour for your session.

I am excited to now offer Online Video Appointments!



Readings are for one hour. Depending on your needs/questions, I will do a very detailed reading which may consult with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. My channel is only from the light, and I wish only to help guide you and heal your blocks which may be stopping you on your spiritual journey.

My readings will put your life in perspective, get you on the right path to a better future and put your mind at ease in a friendly and safe environment.

My advice is only to be used as a guide, as we all have free will and our actions, or lack of them, can influence your timeline in the future.


I often use my clairvoyant medium gift throughout my readings and healing. I use my light channel, connecting to my spirit and celestial guides to see a clear picture for you. I can connect into your guides and past loved ones and relay loving messages and encouragement for you. All in a friendly and loving environment.


Our souls have lived many lifetimes. We may have had loving and successful lives, and we may have had very dark and tragic lives. These past lives have created karma for our souls, both good and bad. It is our job to heal our karma, so our souls can ascend into the light. We have so many layers to our souls that need healing on a deep level.

By accessing your Souls Akashic Records, we can discover what past life is active and causing distress in your present timeline, and remove the soul contract and heal it.

The Akashic Records is where every moment of your souls journey is documented and stored by your very own Akashic Record Keeper. So whatever comes up is your information, not someone else's.


You most often find that the ones we love are the ones we have the most karmic history with! Everyone crosses our path for reason, usually to release and let go of the past. 


Runes are symbols carved into wood or bone from very ancient times. They were seen as some of the first forms of writing. I use what is called the Elder Futhark rune set, dating back to the 2nd Century.

When conducting this service, it can take a long time to transcribe and read. So with this option I would tune into you distantly and once I have your reading completed you will come in and I will present you with a written copy and explain my findings. 

This method is highly detailed and is a snap shot of the next year ahead for you.

As this is a different service the Energy Exchange is: $200



Our bodies run on a complex energy system anchored into our chakras. Sometimes our chakra's can get clogged up and blocked with bad or negative energy which can make us feel anxiety, depression, sadness, unhealthy, anger, and extremely low energy with no motivation or purpose. Angelic-Celestial Reiki is a gentle and safe healing modality that helps align your chakra's and energetic body back to where it needs to be, making you feel lighter, happier and more positive.

As a qualified Angelic-Celestial Reiki Master I can tune into your blockages, spirit attachments and past life contracts, heal them and gently remove them in a safe and calm environment. Within the session I will conduct a short reading, detect your healing needs and have you relax on a healing bed. Once you are relaxed, we will commence the session with hands on healing, where I will use universal energy to push the blockages away and remove them.

Every session is different, as is every client. This is why it is best to come in and have a custom session made especially for you and your unique issues or concerns.


If you are unable to attend a session in person, perhaps you could consider distant healing. I can distantly tune into you and do a reading over the phone or via online video, by appointment, healing what ever is required at the time. This is just as effective as in person.

I accept bank transfer for this service and will conduct the session once funds have cleared.


We all get stuck on the spiritual path at times. The same blocks keep repeating and amplifying to what feels like a monumental scale. It's times like these you need ascension help. I am a fully qualified Crystalline Consciousness Practitioner and Multi Dimensional Soul Healer, who can aid in your ascension journey.

Using particular spreads to really get to the deepest hidden part of you and your blocks, I can expose these energies and release them from your journey. This procedure really shifts out your density with a major vibrational shift, setting you into a much higher and lighter frequency.



Feeling like your home has unwanted guests? Or some areas of your home or land just feel.... off? It is highly likely you have negative energies attached to your land and home or lost souls (ghosts or spirits) are wandering in and out of your space.

I can personally come to your space, clear it of all attachments and unwanted energies and then bless and anchor your home properly into the New Earth energy available to us.

As each home and space are different, I will need to assess your needs over the phone and customize an approach to help you. You will receive a report upon completion of the clearing as to what occurred and what was removed or shut down. I will also endeavour to show you how to maintain and keep your space sacred for you and your loved ones.

Please note that this clearing will protect your home for some time, but as with all things, constant maintenance and shielding may be required, it is not a one time fix forever!

Energy Exchange: Price on Application for in person


I am able to online video call you as you take me on a virtual tour of your home as I cleanse, purify and bless it for you from negative energies and lost souls. This service is more convenient for you as I do not need to personally enter your home to connect with the energy. 

Energy Exchange: $200

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