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My name is Danielle.....


and I am a qualified Angelic-Celestial Reiki Master, Crystalline Consciousness Practitioner and Multi Dimensional Soul Healer. I am a Psychic and Clairvoyant/Medium, which assists in my healing abilities.

After struggling with my own spiritual awakening process, I sought help to understand what was going on in my journey. After receiving my first Angelic-Celestial Reiki healing session, I could no longer deny my gifts and decided to embrace them with love and understanding, and in turn honoring my purpose.

As I still develop and evolve on my journey and as more of my gifts expand, this in turn changes my skill set and services to you.

Along with my personal services, I partner with Belinda Dervisevic at Inner Soul Healing where we create energetic products to help you on your spiritual and ascension journey. We also run many workshops and courses together. For more information and to purchase from the online shop, please go to

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